I'm Beverley Gordon, I have a story to tell that is life-changing and someone needs to hear it!

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Beverley E. Gordon

Beverley Gordon is a retired educator and author of this autobiography. She is a Jamaican who currently resides in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica. Her passion for writing peaked after she received two distinguished awards for her college research paper: “Utilizing the newspaper to teach oral and written language skills”.

She returned to the classroom to develop her high initiative writing workshop programme. This effort produced monthly newsletters to showcase students’ writing pieces. The publications were distributed within the school as well as throughout the local business community. Students were further inspired and mobilized to publish the school’s first yearbook/magazine.

Beverley’s sojourn as an educator spanned thirty years. She has served as classroom teacher; Teacher Librarian and Guidance Counselor. Her final twelve years in the education sector were spent as an elementary school principal. She holds a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership, with distinction, from Central Connecticut State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Grade Education, Summa Cum Laude, from Western Carolina University. She believes her writing aptitude was further enhanced through these programmes. She is particularly inspired by true stories and enjoys books and movies in that category. She also enjoys detective crime drama, comedy and plays.

Beverley harnesses her skills in public speaking, writing and counselling to inspire and motivate audiences through Gospel ministry at local churches. Over the years, she has used this platform to share testimonials of her life’s journey. Her debut autobiography is a faith-based compilation of her true-life experiences. Inspired by God, her tertiary training and professional experiences have unleashed the confidence she needed to write her story.

About My Book

My Story

Beverley Gordon takes you on an insightful journey; as she shares her compelling story that begins with her inner turmoil. She wrestles to salvage a marriage that had only taken place, six weeks earlier, and was already falling apart.

Like a quiet stream flowing gently down a mountain slope, she ventures out into the unknown. Provoked by previous disappointments and heartbreak, she exchanges her city life for the more low-keyed country life. It’s all good! Much is quiet; most is hidden. The stream burbles along through the valley of decisions she makes, while waiting on a four and a half year long promise of marriage.

Then a confluence occurs. The stream comes in contact with other tributaries. She’s enjoined to other relationships and intrusive family members. Then, there are the tributaries of life-threatening illnesses, that just flowed into mainstream haphazardly. The stream now widens to a river. She continues to make her way downstream, carrying all the runoff and pollution from her unplanned relationships. Overtime, like a slithering snake, the murky river slowly meanders through some flatlands. Its pollutants are deception, infidelity, mistrust and insecurity. Obscurity then sets in. Her marriage and family life erodes and collapses, under the weight of the torrents.

Now her life becomes a swirling deluge. Cascading over rocks and boulders of malice and unforgiveness, she plunges into a sea of bitterness and brokenness. Looking upward, with nowhere to turn; she cries, “Ship Ahoy!” And her prayer is heard.

Her spiritual awakening brings the refreshing to her life. Beverley reveals how the transformative power of faith is unleashed, to bring her redemption and peace. She tells of the manifold trials on her journey. But each is overcome with a triumph.

It doesn’t matter the unpredictability of the river. Whether in spate or tranquil, God’s presence will always be there. It’s a promise! Through her pain, she sees purpose and the promise. She walks out of her past that, she has held on to, for forty three years. She is now leaning into her promise; that the best is yet to come.








Your personal narrative resonated deeply, providing readers with a poignant journey of introspection, redemption, and spiritual awakening. It's the kind of transformative story that we believe will touch countless hearts. Our editorial team was particularly moved by the authentic voice, the intimate recounting of your experiences, and the profound insights interwoven with Biblical scripture. It's a unique blend that we are excited to share with a broader audience.

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